Late summer foraging in N6

The summer seems to have flashed past this year, our bees have produced some wonderful honey – which is now available in our shop.

While the main nectar flow has died down there is still quite a variety of flowers still out in our neighbourhood for the bees to enjoy.

This Patty pan in our garden is still producing flowers and the bees emerge drenched in pollen – they look like yellow ghosts!

This sedum plant has been covered in bees for weeks, often it has  3 or 4 different types of bee foraging at the same time.

Sedum and honeybee

Another popular plant at the moment is our goji berry bush – it is covered in these sweet little purple flowers. We’ve never had any berries on it before – perhaps this is the year!

This year I’ve discovered a few snowberry bushes locally – I first noticed them when I heard a terrific buzzing sound when I was walking past. I stopped, thinking that there was a swarm in the bush, but it was just hundreds of bees busy gathering nectar. Apparently the honey made from this nectar has a strong butterscotch taste.

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