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Discover the Luminaire Box – a simple yet captivating collection that brings the essence of beeswax to life. Inside this set, you’ll find:

A 227g jar of our delicious honey, harvested from our own hives.
Two pure beeswax tea lights, providing a warm and calming glow.
Extra-long matches for easy lighting.
A hand-dipped pure beeswax luminaire, carefully created for you.

With the Luminaire Box, you can easily create a serene atmosphere. Place one of the tea lights in the luminaire on a bed of rice or sand, light it, and enjoy the soft, enchanting light. It’s a simple yet magical way to experience the soothing colours and scents of beeswax.

This versatile set also makes for a great gift. It comes in a plain card box with the contents nestled in wood shavings, providing a natural touch. Unbox the Luminaire Box and immerse yourself in the world of beeswax.

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Weight 1800 g
Dimensions 27 × 16 × 11 cm


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