Taking the last honey in Highgate

The ivy is about to flower around here – which for me means I need to hurry and take off any honey that we’d like from the hives. We have lots of ivy around here and it normally provides enough nectar for my bees to have enough stores to get through the winter.

Taking off a super

The hives we use are made up of a series of boxes stacked up on each other. The bottom box is the deepest and is called the brood box – where the queen lays her eggs to raise more bees. The boxes above are called supers and this is where the bees store the honey. Over the summer we add more supers as they are needed and remove them once they are full. I know without looking when they are full because I can barely lift them.

4 thoughts on “Taking the last honey in Highgate

  1. Mike

    Hi, will you be able to supply me this year with 10litrs of Highgate honey in a plastic bucket or on super frames please? Thanks. Mike

      1. mike

        Hi Helen,

        Thanks for your reply. Can you manage 5 litres then?
        Only one of my hives has produced a decent amount this year ( around 39 Kg) maybe because it was a merged colony in spring. The other hives ended with barely one complete harvestable super each.

        Please let me know if you have any unjarred honey available.

        thanks Mike


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