An experiment

We’ve had some old frames lying about in the garage for a while. I have wanted to extract the wax out of them, but hadn’t done anything about it as I wasn’t sure of the best way to do it. Anyway, this morning we discovered that they fitted perfectly into and old recycling box – so we decided to experiment…

Untitled photo

We made a little wooden frame to tilt the box and we cut a hole in the back to take the hose from a wallpaper stripper.

Untitled photo

The steam melted the wax, and it gushed out of a hole at the front of the box.

Untitled photo

The wax will need filtering before we can make use of it, but I’m really happy with this simple set up. All made from things that we already had.

These are the frames after about half an hour…

Untitled photo

One thought on “An experiment

  1. ruth clausen

    this sounds like a good way to extract. A little imagination and some recycling obviously worked wonders!


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