Late summer flowers in Highgate N6

The Choisya in our garden has just started flowering again and the bees are absolutely loving it! This is such a good bee plant, as it flowers twice a year – spring and autumn, just when the bees need an extra nectar boost.

Untitled photo

There is also a lot of Sedum just coming out in our neighbourhood, we pass several patches of it on our walk to school and they are all busy with bees at the moment.

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2 thoughts on “Late summer flowers in Highgate N6

  1. Sarah Warland

    Hi, I tried your honey for the first time today and it is really lovely.
    I don’t eat honey normally because the shop bought stuff always has a strong aftertaste which I hate, but this takes back to when I was a child and honey tasted quite different to what you normally get today.
    Your honey has quite a fruitiness about it, which is wonderful too, so I will be visiting your shop soon.
    You can also tell your bees from me they have done an excellent job!


    1. Helen Rogers Post author

      I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the honey. You are the second person who has said that it tastes the same as the honey they had when they were a child! It really makes me wonder how much treatment the honey that you buy in shops has these days.


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