North London Show time!

Today is The North London Beekeepers annual honey show for members. For fun I decided to enter a few classes. We’ve never even been to a honey show before, so I’m not really sure what to expect.

The schedule is very exacting about the type and size of jars and containers to be used and there are different classes for light, medium and dark honeys. You have to enter 2 1lb jars in each class, and the pairs should be as similar as possible. When I dropped them off this morning I had to get the colours checked against a special grading glass to see which class they should be entered into. I also entered a box of cut comb.

This morning M and I polished up the jars and replaced the scratched lids before packing it all up in newspaper for the bus journey. I was nervous about the cut comb leaking and we kept checking that it was upright in my bag. Fortunately everything survived the journey.  I’m really excited to see the other entries this evening and to see how we get on.

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