All Natural Fir Cone and Beeswax Firelighters


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Discover the perfect eco-friendly firelighting solution with our handcrafted masterpiece: A box of ten locally sourced fir cones, meticulously dipped in pure beeswax harvested from our very own hives, and finished with a pure cotton wick.

Unwrap sustainable luxury – These artisanal firelighters, nestled in a simple yet charming card box, are cushioned with wood shavings, making the entire package not only burnable but also entirely compostable.

Delight your senses, respect the environment, and embrace the essence of conscious living. This collection makes for a truly unique gift, tailor-made for those who are passionate about both sustainability and the warmth of a crackling fire.

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 9 cm


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